Do They Know I'm Running?

Great political thriller about US / Central American relations. This book is a deeply felt reckoning with how we are affected by our own underlying prejudices, as well as being a very pacy exciting read about engaging people struggling for, well, normalcy. Complex and intriguing. Read.

Come solve a mystery in Stockholm!

Join us for the NEW interactive book club for ages 9-13.

Saturday, April 24; 11:00 to 12:30
At The English Bookshop, Gamla stan Stockholm

All the Colours of The Town

Very well written and interesting dark novel about the sectarianism of Western Scotland and how it is connected to the situation in Ulster. I learned quite a few things in this exciting read. Favourite scene: where the protagonist is in the wrong pub at the wrong time and suddenly everyone knows who he is and everything goes quiet, until the bartender places a hand on his shoulder and quietly says 'It's time you werenae here, son'... Great stuff!!

The City & the City

China Mieville
The City & the City

After the Fire

This follow-up to The Twilight Time is definitely the best British police novel I've read in over a decade! This tops most books in the genre and also transcends it. More of a novel than a crime novel. Everyone must read!

English Bookshop at the Gothenburg Book Fair!


We're off for a few days, the Stockholm shop will be closed Thursday, Friday and Monday, but the Uppsala shop is open as usual.

The third Stieg Larsson book in English on October 1!

pre-book Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (#3), Larsson, Stieg
Stieg Larssons third book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, will be released October 1st at 10 am at The English Bookshops in Stockholm and Uppsala!


The Twilight Time (Anna Cameron #1)

Great first book from a new Scottish crime writer. Set in Glasgow with a strong complex female lead character, Sergeant Anna Cameron.
– I really enjoyed this and can't wait to read the next one.

Dead Lovely

Another Glaswegian noir! Pitch black humour, fantastic story of social worker/single mum who stumbles into an amazing amount of violence and moral turpitude... This was so much fun to read. Start now!

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