Here be great books!


Helena reads two top-notch literary thrillers from both sides of the pond  (and inevitably ends up buying more books, although she promised she wouldn’t, or at least not until Christmas..).

The best buys at Bokmässan - Helena’s definite list!


The Swedish book blogosphere is going to be a very lonely – or at least singular-minded – place for the upcoming few days, as everyone is headed for the Gothenburg book fair. Everyone, it seems, but me. I could be moping in bed with a pint of Häagendasz and a particularly blood curdling crime novel (I have two words for you: S.J. Bolton!) but instead I thought I'd give all you lucky people who are in fact going some pointers in terms of book shopping. Here's a list of the books you mustn't miss at the book fair.

Illyria (or: why Elizabeth Hand rocks, part 97)


Elizabeth Hand, IllyriaThere is a Morrissey song echoing at the back of my mind as I sit down and attempt to write something about Elizabeth Hand’s World Fantasy Award winner Illyria. “And I just can’t explain it, so I won’t even try t

Helena’s summer reading - the 2012 edition


With midsummer lurking just around the corner, it is high time to start talking about summer reading. In fact, I strongly suspect it may be time to start reading those piles and piles of books that keep calling my name, going"hey, Helena, let’s hang out this summer! Pick me, pick me!". Here are my top contenders.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

If you prefer your thrillers dark and literary with a big side order of intricate twists and achingly real characters, but have yet to read a book by Gillian Flynn, I have one word for you. Congratulations! See, it is my firm belief - and I have the likes of Stephen King on my side here - that contemporary crime just doesn't get any better than Flynn. Her first two novels, Sharp Objects and Dark Places, are not only two of the best crime novels I've read this decade - but also two of the best books, full stop. Now, do I have your attention?

Ten top-notch thrillers that will keep you turning the pages until you’ve devoured the whole thing!

Harlan Coben, Stay CloseLast week, the UK edition of Harlan Coben’s new standalone novel Stay Close was published.

Arctic reading tips – Crime and sub zero horror


Baby, it’s cold outside. As we put on yet another layer of thermal underwear - not much of a fashion statement, I’m afraid, but a dire necessity in these sub-zero times – and brace ourselves before we go out to shovel some more snow, it is easy to grow pessimistic, perhaps even start thinking about the neverending winter in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Bleak January...

So many books, so little time. So much work, so little play. So much soul numbing January dread, so little sleep. So much darkness, so little vitamin D. And so on.

Nope, this is not going to be one of those long, rambling reviews you’re probably used to from me by now. Instead, I’m going to try something new. Here is a list of some of the books and authors that are currently on my mind, night stand, or to read list. Enjoy!

Miracle on Regent Street and five other festive reads

As anyone who has seen Frank Capra’s classic 1946 tearjerker It’s a Wonderful Life, aka THE Christmas movie, will know, Christmas, from a fictional point of view, is a time for redemption, for reminiscence, for finally getting it right. It is also that time of the year when no one, not even a self-confessed literary badass who decided to name her own blog Dark Place just to show how much she enjoys the dark side of fiction, needs to feel ashamed of getting in touch with their softer, more sentimental side.