Halloween reads

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The Donor by Helen Fitzgerald

The Donor by Helen Fitzgerald  As much as I love Helen Fitzgerald, I must admit to a certain degree of anxiety upon I first hearing of her latest novel, "The Donor".

Oh, those summer nights... and summer reading


There are few things in life that give me more pleasure than deciding what to read for the summer. It’s not just the prospect of idleness, lazy afternoons spent reading on beaches and front porches, drink in hand, that appeals to me. Nope, it’s the whole journey, from tentatively deciding on which lucky books will get to spend the summer with me, to writing lists, browsing and buying, and – finally – settling down to read the books I’ve been dying to read all year. Now, as you are about to discover, I tend to get brutally over-optimistic when it comes to planning my summer reading.

The White Devil by Justin Evans

In his debut novel A Good and Happy Child, Justin Evans explored themes as hefty as memory repression, demon possession, and parental anxiety. Now, he is back with a brand new novel that at first glance seems a bit too good to be true.

The Postmistress - Sarah Blake

The Postmistress - Sarah BlakeLondon, 1940. While bombs fall over streets, monuments, and shelters, American radio reporter Frankie Bard is in the thick of it all: the nightly raids, the fear, the neighbours who suddenly, from one day to the next, aren't there anymore.

Haunted House Stories and Andrew Pyper’s The Guardians

Andrew Pyper The GuardiansFor as long as I can remember, haunted house stories have intrigued me. It is such a classic, simple set-up, really; yet there is so much room for exporation not only of the haunted house but of its inhabitants and their hidden inner rooms.

Helena on Joyce Carol Oates

On a drab February morning very much, I imagine, like this one, renowned novelist Joyce Carol Oates drove her husband of 48 years, literary editor/publisher Raymond Smith to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Little did they know that the trip to the ER was to be their very last trip together – on 18 February, after seemingly improving, Ray died after contracting a secondary infection. He was 77.