Neil Cross – Captured


I just finished reading Neil Cross' newest book Captured. It was a riveting, incisive read. I don't quite know how to best describe Mr Cross' work. On the one hand he could be said to be a British Harlan Coben in that he is great at making his characters feel real; normal people who are suddenly exposed to some measure of darkness. He writes equally well, pacy, with great flow. Very accessible prose and stories that grab hold.

On the other hand there's something more to him: he was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize a few years ago (for Always the Sun; amazing book!), and although I enjoy Mr. Coben he probably won't be longlisted for the National Book Award.

So perhaps one might say that Neil Cross writes literary thrillers about everyday characters with very real, often violent problems. He's not that well known over here, but I really feel he ought to be. In short: don't wait to discover Neil Cross.